General Building

General Building

Hastings Builders Company offers our customers a complete design and build service from initial first appointment until we apply the final finishes on your home we strive to deliver our projects on time and on budget. We cover properties of all styles and complexity with a team that can apply their experience and skill to deliver the highest quality finishes.

Maintenance Contractors In East Sussex

Hastings Builders Company offers high quality and affordable maintenance solutions for business owners, landlords and property developers. We cover  all variations of commercial buildings, whether industrial properties, offices, public sector or retailers. Our range spans across the South East of England, including South London, East and West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire & Kent.

We deliver a comprehensive and integrated service in which we provide everything from materials to labor as well as expert advice from our in house design team prior to any works. Our solutions begin with with an estimate survey in which through consultation we can allow you to better plan for the time and cost factors ensuring the lowest priced quote possible.

No matter what your project may be, our experienced builders can provide the expert advice and help you need.

Personalized Service

Each project is unique. That is our philosophy and approach to our work. Hastings Builders Company customizes our service for each client and new project. We offer a personal touch that is hard to find with other building contractors and approach each new project with a positive outlook, providing valuable and constructive input as you work with us to define your requirements.

From designing layouts to choosing external finishes, our builders work with you every step of the way to ensure you are more than satisfied with the final look.

No matter how big or small the project may be, our professional builders care about the quality of their work ensuring you, the customer is happy!
Rest assure using Hastings Builders Company will ensure there are no ‘hidden costs’,  we spell out to you in advance what the inclusive price is and stick to it. Quotations are free of charge and made at a time to suit you.

Hastings Builders Company offers the following building services

  • Painting & Decorating
  • Brickwork & Rendering
  • RSJ Installation
  • Plastering & Dry Lining
  • Plumbing and Heating
  • Electrical Works
  • Bathroom Installation
  • Kitchen Installation
  • Structural Work Repairs
  • Laminate & Tiled Flooring
  • Block Paving & Resin Driveways
  • Landscape Gardening
  • Patios &  Decking
  • Guttering, Soffit & Fascia
  • Double Glazing & Conservatories
  • Roofing & Insulation
  • All other aspects of building works

If you’re looking for a service not listed above, contact us as we will be happy to assist you further!

We focus on being providing the highest standard of workmanship and safety and environmental best practice. Our builders, through their teamwork, experience, skills and responsiveness, are able to provide customers with absolute satisfaction.

Managing Works

Our team of builders have years of experience in managing all kinds of works regardless of the size or need for building control we will always follow strict guidelines. We have staff fully trained in Health & Safety on a construction site and are First Aid trained making sure not only our workers but also our customers are safe whilst we are working.

Building Control

Building control is a service that ensures buildings (includes most aspects of works) are designed and constructed safely and in accordance with building regulations. We work closely with the Building Inspectors who have the skills, knowledge, insight and personality to help us make your project a success.

The Building Inspectors are fully licensed by the Construction Industry Council and operate to ISO 9001:2008  regulations. Their surveyors are members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Chartered Engineers.  With years of experience and a great relationship with our company we can ensure a smooth, peace of mind construction of what ever building works are required.

Health & Safety

Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment qualification provides the learner with everything they need to know about maintaining and improving health and safety at work. It delivers essential knowledge about key terms, legal responsibilities and reasons for good health and safety on a construction site. The learner will also learn about personal protective equipment, emergencies, accident reporting, and dealing with ill-health within the construction environment. Successful qualification will earn a candidate four credits.

First Aid At Work

The First Aid at Work (FAW) course is ideal for larger employers and those people or organisations who, after carrying out a risk assessment, feel they need the broader range of training and skills offered by this qualification.  Once qualified, the certificate is valid for 3 years, at the end of which candidates will need to attend a two-day requalification course to requalify. Assessment is in the form of practical exercises and two straightforward multiple choice papers. Candidates must pass both elements to qualify. It is recommended by HSE that all first aiders should do an annual 3 hour refresher course to keep their skills up-to-date. Courses cover everything covered by the EFAW course & more.

Materials We Use

Whilst many think that the finish of building works relies just on the builders this really is not the case. The materials used will not only allow the works to be completed to a high standard but also they can help reduce the costs for the works and ensure they last for the correct duration of time.

Thistle Bonding Coat

Thistle Bonding Coat is a versatile undercoat product used prior to plastering walls. It can be used on a variety of smooth or low suction surfaces such as plasterboard, render, brickwork, concrete and even tiling. The fine mix allows for improved workability making it easy to spread and covering a large area with minimal waste. A standard 25 kilo bag will cover approx 2.5-3 m2  based on 11mm thickness. It conforms to EN 13279-1 regulations and is certified to BES 6001 achieving a rating of excellent.

Thistle MultiFinish

Thistle MultiFinish plaster is a versatile finish plaster used on many common backgrounds including plasterboard, bonding and render. Thistle MultiFinish is the number one choice for all professional plasterers and can be applied as part of a 2 coat application on large walls or small repairs. Skimming walls with MultiFinish provides your walls with additional sound insulation to many of the GypWall classic systems by up to 2dB along with a perfectly flat surface for decorating ensuring a high quality finish. A standard 25 kilo bag will cover approx 10 m2  based on 2mm thickness. It conforms to EN 13279-1 regulations and is certified to BES 6001 achieving a rating of excellent.

Blue Circle Mastercrete Cement

Blue Circle Mastercrete Cement contains cement quality improver to give the following benefits compared with ordinary Portland cement. Lower water demand, more cohesive mix, less tendency for water to segregate/bleed and enhanced resistance of hardened concrete or mortar to freeze/thaw attack. We use Blue Circle cement for concreting, rendering, pointing, floor screeds and repairing all of the following on a day to day basis.  The big difference between a standard cement and Blue Circle Mastercrete cement a standard cement is suitable for most general purpose application whilst the Blue Circle Mastercrete is an enhanced CEM II cement. By blending Portland cement and finely ground limestone with specially selected additives Mastercrete has improved workability and is more resistant to freeze thaw attack whilst it has the added benefit of being packed in our unique plastic packaging, making it 38% better for the environment than cement packed in paper sacks.  Not only does this ensure a professional and quick application for us, it ensures a long last application for our customers with a quality finish to show.

Everbuild 503 SBR Bond

Everbuild 503 SBR bond is a latex based, water resistant bonding agent otherwise known as PVA. SBR Bond is an admixture for use in areas subject to humidity, dampness and continuous water contact. It improves water resistance of cement mixtures by forming a reinforcing polymer that increases long term durability and flexibility of the mix on rendering, plastering and floor screeds. With an improved adhesion to a wide range of substrates it has an excellent resistance to water and water vapour. It helps reduce the dusting of concrete and has a high level of resistance to salt permeation along with frost resistance. As a guide 1.2 litres of 503 SBR Bond will cover approx 1 m2  based on 12mm thickness if applied following the correct guidelines. Prior to using SBR Bond all surfaces are cleaned and dust free with no grease or contaminants. Using SBR Bond will ensure a quality finish which lasts giving our customers peace of mind i the works carried out.

Febond PVA

Febond PVA is the original multi purpose quick drying PVA adhesive, sealer and bonding agent and cement admixture which has many applications in the building and construction markets. When plastering onto common substrates the most used preparation method is to prime the surface with a PVA such and then apply the plaster whilst still tacky, a method which can prove to be tricky to time correctly but for us, its easy to manage when using the correct materials. On smooth, non-porous substrates such as glazed tiles and concrete, further preparation is needed as the surfaces required a key for the plaster to adhere to. This can be achieved using the Febond Blue Grit. Using the correct preparation is the key to a solid wall which will last once plastered which is why Febond PVA is an ideal primer and sealer for concrete and old plaster prior to plastering. Febond PVA conforms to the requirements of BS 5270-1:1989  and with the popularity of bonding agents increasing, there’s now no excuse for anything but perfect plastering!

Febond Blue Grit

Febond Blue Grit is specifically designed to provide an improved key to surfaces including plaster, concrete, painted surfaces and glazed tiles by incorporating a fine aggregate into the mix whilst also reducing suction on highly porous substrates such as blockwork. Its simple to use being applied straight from the tub with a short pile roller or brush. Febond Blue Grit is quickly applied to internal surfaces and requires just one coat, with the blue colouring helping to ensure a good and consistent coverage has been applied. It is often said that the plaster on top is only as strong as the bonding agent beneath so a good coverage is essential to ensure no weak spots are found once the plaster is applied. Its suitable for areas that may be dry or dusty and especially efficient on lath and plaster sometimes eliminating the need to remove it and reboard which can save our customers quite a lot on large projects. Another benefit of Febond Blue Grit is that it is plastered over once dry, usually after around 6 hours, taking the guesswork out of drying times associated with traditional PVA methods. Febond Blue Grit has bond strength tested in accordance with EN13892-8 and with the popularity of bonding agents increasing, there’s now no excuse for anything but perfect plastering!

Knauf Plasterboard

Knauf Plasterboard is the UKs leading supplier of a variety of plasterboard from standard wall boards to fire regulated or acoustic sound panel they have every type of board required covered. Using the correct board in the right environment is essential to ensure a long lasting finish. For many households the standard board for walls would be suffice but for commercial properties we are finding an increase in demand for fire regulated boards and in areas of water we always suggest using a vapour board otherwise known as an aqua panel prior to even tiling. We have built studios using sound panels and the difference in sound travel compared to standard boards is amazing. There are differences in prices but we always ensure no matter the cost that the correct plasterboards are used and are fully complient to EN 520, Type A regulations.

BAL Green Star Tile Adhesive

BAL Gren Star tile adhesive is a ready to use and easy to apply tile adhesive for walls. Its suitable for fixing ceramics, mosiacs and some natural stone in dry or wet interior environments and can also be used for domestic areas including showers, kitchens and bathrooms. BAL Green Star offers extended open time of 30 mins and can be grouted after 24 hours. A simple, but effective ready mixed tile adhesive, BAL Green Star has become our firm favourite down the years as its ready to use straight from the tub with no mixing required and also provides us with numerous benefits including excellent non slip properties and extended open time for larger installations. As a guide 15kg of BAL Green Star will cover approx 5-6 m2 if applied following the correct guidelines. To further confirm why BAL Green Star is our preferred choice it also comes with a 25 year guarantee provided its installed and used correctly following their guidelines and that its purchased from one of their registered stockists, Topps Tiles being the closest to us. Terms & Conditions apply to all guarantees, please visit their website to read further details.

Mapei Coloured Grout

Mapei coloured grout is our number one choice for all grouting. Using Mapei grout is easy as its quick drying fast setting action allows for a simple time saving application. Its extremely effective as its specially formulated to resist mould and water. Mapei is suitable for many times of areas including internal and external walls and floors. To help combine the Mapei grout with a suitable colour matched silicone then we would suggest the Mapei Coloured Solvent Free Silicone Sealant range which compliments the grout perfectly. Mapei grout has a 6 Year manufacturers guarantee and is not classified as dangerous according to the regulations EC 1272/2008 CLP. Terms & Conditions apply to all guarantees, please visit their website to read further details. It also It also follows the CE standard test to EN 13888 CG2WA. For a long lasted, quality finish and fair priced grout then we would always suggest Mapei.

Feel free to check our Photo Gallery to view some of the works carried out by Hastings Builders Company over the years.

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